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What is Wildcard SSL Certificate

What is Wildcard SSL Certificate?

A Wildcard certificate is an SSL cert that contains a wildcard character (*), placed strategically in the certificate's common name or FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name) during creation to represent the subdomain part of the domain name. By using Wildcard Certificates, you can secure a primary domain along with its "n" number of associated subdomains.

For example, a wildcard certificate for *.demodomain.com can secure:

  • www.demodomain.com
  • mail.demodomain.com
  • blog.demodomain.com, etc.

However, it cannot safeguard multiple levels of subdomains like:

  • explore.mail.demodomain.com
  • top.test.demodomain.com, etc.

It is important to note that Wildcard SSL certificates are available only in two validation levels: Domain Validated and Organization Validated.

Difference Between Regular SSL Certificates and Wildcard Certificates

Difference Between Regular SSL Certificates and Wildcard Certificates

The primary distinction is in the websites that they protect. Since Standard SSL Certificates cover your website's WWW and non-WWW versions, encrypts just one domain All three levels of validation, including EV, are available for single-domain SSL certificates.

Wildcards, on the other hand, protect websites with several sub-domains. Place an asterisk (*) at the domain level you want to encrypt when creating your certificate signing request during the purchasing process. Examples are *.example.com.

At that sub-domain level, communications on any sub-domain can then be secured using the SSL certificate. As an illustration, consider blog.example.com, support.example.com, etc. You can have as many subdomains as possible. Wildcards Certs are available only at DV and OV level not EV.

Wildcard vs Multi-domain SSL

What is Wildcard vs Multi-domain SSL?

Wildcard SSL secures a primary domain and its subdomains and allows the addition/removal of subdomains anytime. Multi-Domain SSL secures multiple domains (or subdomains if you list them as SANs), and the names of all the domains/subdomains that you want to secure must be provided when the certificate is purchased. Multi-Domain SSL is cheaper and comes in all three validation types (DV, OV, and EV), while Wildcard SSL only comes in DV and OV types.

For example, a *.example.com Wildcard SSL can protect the domain and every first-level subdomain, like top.example.com, ssl.example.com, etc. With a Multi-domain SSL certificate, you can secure www.example.com, SSL.example.com, www.examplessl.in, www.examplesite.org, etc.

Types of SSL Certificates

Single Domain SSL

DV SSL Certificate

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OV SSL Certificate

OV SSL Certificate

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EV SSL Certificate

EV SSL Certificate

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Wildcard SSL

Wildcard SSL

Starts @ $ 10.99/yr

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Multi-Domain SSL

Multi-Domain (SAN) SSL

Starts @ $ 9.99/yr

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Multi-Domain Wildcard

Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL

Starts @ $ 10.99/yr

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