Sectigo PAC Enterprise (SMIME) Certificate Secures Email Identity
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Secure Email Encryption

Digitally Sign Email and Documents for Privacy and Security Across your Enterprise.


Sectigo PAC Enterprise (SMIME) Certificate

Digitally Signs Emails and Documents

Sectigo Personal Authentication Certificate (SPAC) Enterprise is an easy, Inexpensive, and effective solution to secure and protect business communications such as email communications, documents, and user access. The Sectigo PAC Enterprise SMIME Certificate is trustworthy as well as effective as it also offers client authentication and organization validation. 2048-bit cryptographic keys are used to secure digitally signed emails and documents for greater security

Buy Sectigo SPAC Enterprise Certificate for Secure Business Communication

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Powerful Email Security Powerful Email Security
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Digital Email Encryption Digital Email

Use a unique and Cheap Sectigo Personal Authentication Enterprise Certificate to secure your email and documents.

The Personal Authentication certificate is considered reliable by more than 99% of Cellular Devices, Operating Systems, Servers, and other platforms since it comes with a powerful 2048-bit RSA signature key and identity verification. It is a perfect solution for both individuals and small businesses. It provides an immediate security solution for digitally signing and protecting emails and documents and helps gain the user's assurance and confidence.

Sectigo Personal Authentication Enterprise Certificate comes with two-factor Authentication, which makes it possible to use a feature that requires you to provide a password every time you sign an email. As a result, it assures customers that this is the first time anyone else has signed the email or modified it while it is being transmitted across the network.

Specifications of Personal Authentication Certificate

A few specifications of a Sectigo PAC Enterprise Certificate (SMIME) are as follows:

Validation Requirements: Organization validation, domain control, and identity verification.

Fields of Signing: First and last name, organization name, and address, as well as [email protected].

Authoritative Digital Signing: The receivers can verify that the communication or email they received is from a trusted source or organization.

Multiple Server Licensing: Without incurring additional costs, an organization can utilize it across as many servers as they choose.

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Personal Authentication Certificate (PAC) Features

  • Robust 256-bit encryption
  • Identified by All Email Clients and Browsers
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Organization Validation
  • Multiple-level Validation.
  • Client Authentication Support
  • Compatible with popular platforms like MS Office, Open Office, and VBA Macros.
  • Strong PKI Authentication to Secure your Email Communications
  • Compatible with mail gateways and exchange servers

Sectigo Personal Authentication Certificate Benefits

Highest Encryption StrengthEmail Security

Sectigo PAC Enterprise SMIME digitally signs your emails, offering end-to-end encryption for your receivers. Once the email has left your server, hackers cannot intercept or decode it. Even the most dangerous hackers can be kept away using a 2048-bit signature key and 256-bit encryption.

Complete extended validation SSL for up to 250 distinct domainsMicrosoft Office and Document Signing

This certificate can secure Microsoft® Office and OpenOffice business documents in addition to emails. Furthermore, it will assist you in switching from paper-based to digital processes. You can prevent a document from being changed after you sign it by identifying yourself as the signer.

Warranty2-Factor Authentication

You need more than passwords to keep your assets and data secure in today's internet environment. The need for an additional layer of security is of the utmost importance, given your company's numerous security risks. The industry standard for two-factor Authentication used by banks worldwide is included in PAC Enterprise Certificate (SMIME).

Quick and Simple ValidationExtremely Reliable

End-to-end encryption is a feature of the SPAC Enterprise Certificate, which also complies with significant regulations like HIPAA, NIST, and GDPR. These regulators can be considered while using the encryption standard, eliminating any chance of content exposure. Sectigo provides advanced cryptographic keys for encryption since it maintains users' privacy.

WarrantyFDA ESG Compliant

Encrypting your emails is necessary if you intend to do business with the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). Before forwarding your email to the appropriate FDA office, the ESG (Electronic Submission Gateways) authenticates the sender's identity. The FDA can be communicated quickly and securely due to this email certificate.

RefundUniversal Compatibility

Almost all servers, email clients, and browsers are compatible with this certificate. Windows, Linux, Mac, and various operating systems are all compatible with their installation. Major email clients and servers are supported, including Mozilla Thunderbird, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Exchange, and Netscape Communicator.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have Questions? We're here to help.

What's Personal Authentication Certificate?

Personal Authentication is the digital security certificate that protects emails and digital documents. After being signed, it automatically adds a reliable digital signature to emails and office documents. Additionally, it encrypts emails to verify that they are sent and received in their original format and from their intended recipient.

Is the SPAC Enterprise certificate compatible with all browsers?

Any browser, email server, other server type, and operating system can use a Sectigo Personal Authentication Certificate (SPAC) Enterprise or S/MIME certificate. After installation, the certificate works without any issues.

Can PAC Enterprise SMIME offer unlimited Server Licensing?

A company can utilize it on as many servers as possible without charging extra.

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