Certera.com Is GDPR Compliant

Certera.com Implements, Monitors & Reviews Controls According to GDPR Compliance & Other Mandatory Privacy Laws

As a company, Certera.com specializes in software and website security product. Therefore we are committed to taking security very seriously. It's your right to know what we do with the data we collect from you and what rights you have regarding it.

Being Compliant with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is more challenging than it seems. But, at the Certera, we don't take it for granted, nor are we afraid of it. Similarly, we are happy to adhere compliance policy of the GDPR and other similar regulations that aim to ensure customer transparency, security, and data rights.

Here's How We Comply With GDPR Policy & This Is What It Means for You

At Certera.com, whenever we ask for your personal data, we give a notification that lets you know for what we will use it. In that way, you'll not have to worry about what will happen with your shared data. Similarly, we may collect data like:

  • Your First and Last Name
  • Physical Address
  • Email Address
  • Data of Payment Card

Whenever we collect such data, we will let you know about it. Nonetheless, if you're interested to know more about it, you can go through our Privacy Policy.

For What Certera Uses Your Data?

Usually, your data is collected by the Certera to use it further for processing orders, issuing digital security certificates like SSL certificate, S/MIME certificate, and Code Signing certificate through one of our partners like Sectigo or Comodo. Similarly, it's also used for the transaction process. We send emails regularly to remind you about your certificate expiration, renewal, and marketing of new products that may be useful to you.

We Are Careful While Sharing Your Data

Being in the SSL industry and running an e-commerce operation, we are required to share certain information with our partners. For example, we have a relationship with Certificate Authorities like Comodo and Sectigo, who are responsible for issuing digital security certificates. Different vendors help us with the customer support and reseller program. In addition, we also have analytics partners that help improve our site experience.

In addition, our partners are thoroughly vetted for GDPR compliance and even for Privacy Shield compliance. Hence, it ensures our partners will only go through shared data on our behalf of us for the right and intended purpose.

You've Complete Rights Over Your Information

The essential part of GDPR is that you've certain rights over your personal data. So, if you ever want to modify or delete any of your personal data collected by us, you can simply send us an email, and we will adhere to your request as soon as possible. Further, we'll also reach out to our partners with whom we may have shared your data to ensure they modify or delete it.

What Does Securing Your Data Mean?

Certera has numerous safeguards for ensuring data security & integrity. Also, we're in the SSL industry. Therefore, it's our first priority that your data is transmitted securely through SSL encrypted tunnel, which keeps your data encrypted in transit.

We also store your data in an encrypted format. All your information is encrypted in our servers, which are accessible by only authorized parties.