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SMIME Certificates

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S/MIME (Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) certificates are a form of digital certificates that provide secure email communication by encrypting email messages, attachments, or documents. They contain a public and private key and are issued by a trusted certificate authority (CA). The public key is used to encrypt email data, while the private key is used to decrypt them. Hence, only the recipient of the encrypted email message can read it, providing a secure & encrypted form of communication. The visible bluetick icon assures the email sender’s identity has been verified.

Email is the most widely used communication medium for organizations and users, but sometimes it is also the least secure. Messages sent via email are transmitted over the internet & can be intercepted or read by attackers who have access to the network, here's where secure email communication is essential for businesses, organizations, and individuals who want to protect their confidential information and required the SMIME certificate.

S/MIME Certificates: For Secure Email Communication

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Validation Level of SMIME certificates

SMIME certificates come with three validation levels basic, pro, and enterprise; each validation level requires the certificate issuer to verify their identities for issuance.

Basic Validation

It is a primary level validation where the issuer only needs to validate their domains, and it can be done via email link. The CA will send an email with a verification link and ask the issuer to click on that link. After installing the certificate & digital signature to the email client, all email communications will be encrypted.

Pro Validation

It is a secondary-level validation that requires the issuers to verify their domain name as well as their true identity. Issues can submit their legal identity proof issued by a government organization such driving license, passport, etc.

Enterprise Validation

This is the toughest form of identity verification where the issuer is required to verify the domain name, identity as well as organization. The Certificate Authorities will ask the issuer to submit all legal business existence documents, government-issued identity cards, and domain verification through a verification link.

SMIME Email Signing – Video

SMIME Certificates Features

  • Encrypt and Decrypt the Sent & Received emails
  • Visible Blue Tick assures the Email is Signed
  • Assures the Email Message is Not Altered or Changed
  • Auto Encryption of Email Reply
  • Encrypts the Plain Text Emails
  • Document Signing with Digital Signature
  • Robust 256-Bit Encryption
  • Compatible with Major Email Clients

SMIME Certificates Benefits

Enhanced securityEnhanced security

With their 256-bit strong public-key-private-key encryption strength and digital signing technology, SMIME certificates can encrypt email messages and make email communication secure and private during transmission.

Protects Confidential informationProtects Confidential information

The SMIME certificate adds a digital signature by signing the email & documents which verifies the identity of the sender and increases the trust and confidence of the user/receiver, ensuring they have received the original email which is neither tampered with nor altered.

Easy to use with any Email ClientEasy to use with any Email Client

S/MIME certificates are compatible with most email clients like Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail, and Thunderbird which makes it the sender easy to send encrypted emails. The installation and configuration also required less effort, even if you are not a technical person.

Cost-effective Cost-effective

SMIME certificates are cost-effective as one certificate can sign multiple emails/documents, once the certificate is issued, the organization or individual needs to install the certificate to the email client.

Global Compatibility Global Compatibility

Comodo's SMIME certificate comes with international standard compatibility and works perfectly on all email clients; making it easier for the email receiver to verify the digital signature and decrypt the encrypted email.

Compatible with HIPAA & PCI DSSCompatible with HIPAA & PCI DSS

The E-commerce and Healthcare organization must comply with HIPPA & PCI DSS standards for secure email communications with their customers, our SMIME certificate is equipped with compatibility to all international standards and helps organizations encrypt their email communications.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have Questions? We're here to help.

What is S/MIME Certificate?

SMIME certificates are a type of digital certificate used to encrypt email content, making it unreadable for anyone, only the intended recipient can read the email message. It comes with a digital signature that verifies the email sender's authenticity and ensures the email message is not altered or tampered with by any middleman.

How do S/MIME Certificates work?

SMIME Certificates provide strong end-to-end encryption with a digital signature to secure email communication. Here's the workflow of this certificate.

  • Get a SMIME certificate from a verified CA (Example: Comodo)
  • Complete the organization verification process
  • Install the certificate to the Sender's Email Client
  • Sender can now send encrypt the email message using the public key and send the certificate
  • Recipient makes use of a private key for decryption.
  • Recipient's email client will verify the digital signature.
  • Finally, the recipient can view the email message securely.

Why are S/MIME Certificates important for secure email communication?

It provides secure email communication, encrypts the email messages, and adds a digital signature, this assures the sender has sent an encrypted email & it can only be readable by the associated recipient.

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