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Quickly Generate your Domain’s Certification Authority Authorisation (CAA) Records

You may quickly generate your CAA Records with the help of our excellent tool. Just Fill in your domain, choose your CA, and choose the kind of certificate. The rest will be done by our efficient tool!

Control Which Certificate Authority Can Issue SSL Certificates for Certain Domains Within Your Organization

The CAA Record, one of the most significant records in DNS settings, allows users to choose which CA (Certificate Authority) can issue an SSL certificate for domains inside an organization or a company. Only the CAs on your whitelist will be permitted to provide an SSL certificate for those domains after you choose your preferred CA (Certificate Authority). This implies that only the CAs (you choose) can issue SSL certificates for your website. From the perspective of online security, this is quite advantageous.

In other terms, one might argue that the CAA Recorder Tool is comparable to a medical file. In the future, hospitals will consult the database before dispensing any medications to ensure they aren't prescribing the incorrect medication or one that might trigger an allergy. Like how CAA Records are used in medicine, except for SSL certificates and domains instead of prescription medications.

Earlier in 2017, It Became Obligatory to Check the CAA Record

Although CAA records have existed for a while, starting on September 8, 2017, it became necessary for the certificate authorities to verify a domain's CAA record. The CAs must review the CAA record for each SSL certificate, including DV, OV, and EV ones. Remember that the domain is not required; only the CAs are.

What Should You Do If You're Using Any Other Services or the DNS Provided by Your Domain Registrar?

Not to be alarmed! Most well-known domain registrars and DNS service providers support CAA Records, and more are starting to use them regularly! The biggest DNS service providers offering CAA Records are listed below. You need help finding your service provider. Get in touch with the members of their support team.

  • Amazon Route 53
  • Cloudflare
  • cPanel v66+
  • DNS Made Easy
  • DYN Managed DNS
  • Gandi
  • Hurricane Electric (HE) DNS