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Quickly Decode any Encoded SSL Certificate-no matter what format it is.


Free SSL Certificate Decoder Tool

Decode Your SSL Certificate & Verify the Accuracy in a Minute

Using the Certificate Decoder Tool, you could decode any SSL certificate, regardless of its format, including those in PEM, DER, or PFX. to ensure all the data is accurate. This is a wise move before attempting to install the Certificate on your server. Put your Certificate into the field below, and the Decoder Tool will do the rest.

Paste your Certificate into the box below to use this decoder to handle the rest.

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After installing the SSL Certificate on the web server, you can use this Certificate Decoder to verify that it has been installed correctly.

What is the need for a Certificate Decoder?

If a set of SSL certificates are mixed up, you might encounter many issues. If you're handling huge orders, it's a lot easier than you can expect. Even if installing the incorrect SSL certificate on the incorrect server won't result in an explosion, it will cost you a lot of time and cause you a lot of stress.

Another possibility is that you are just making sure that the data on the Certificate you received is accurate. Knowing before installing the Certificate is better to identifying after. Our Certera Certificate Decoder tool has been developed as an outcome.

Regardless of format, every SSL certificate could be promptly decoded using the Certera Certificate Decoder tool. All the data on your Certificate is precisely and swiftly stripped away, finally displayed in an easy-to-understand way.