Identify Insecure Elements of your Website

Avoid SSL mixed content warning by checking insecure links on your domain.


Free Why No Padlock Tool

Identify Insecure Content & Links on Your Website

Prevent SSL Mixed Content Warnings and Assure Customers of the Authenticity of your Website.

When you purchase SSL Cert, it is possible that some pages on your website still include insecure elements. Because the website does not display an appropriate security lock, Certera provides an easy solution called "Why No Padlock" to list vulnerable components.

You will receive complete information about:

  • Identify which javascript, HTML, CSS, and images are not secure
  • Determine which.js and.css files contain unsafe images that are linked to

The secure URL must only be entered in the field below. The tool will automatically list the insecure components of your website. The message "All items called securely" will appear if your website is entirely secure. If not, you can boost your website's security level to eliminate the warning about insecure content.

Check for Insecure Links and ensure your SSL Certificate is installed Correctly.

An SSL certificate requires considerable technical knowledge and can be tricky to install and configure. Additionally, by setting up an SSL certificate, you can configure your web server for secure connections and redirect all your website's pages and assets to HTTPS. Therefore, even a very minor error might cause significant complications for websites.

Similarly, not receiving the proper visual cues, such as a Secure Padlock, is a typical problem individuals have following installation. In this context, a free tool called "Why No Padlock" may identify issues with insecure connections once you've finished installing and switched every page, image, and website component to a secure HTTPS connection.