How to Install an SSL Certificate on Webmin?

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Install SSL Certificate on Webmin Server

Eager to secure your Webmin server with SSL? If “YES,” then dive into our straightforward guide to install an SSL Certificate on Webmin. Forget the tech jargon and complex processes – we keep it simple and efficient.

Our installation guide is designed for all, from technologically challenged (tech newbies) to seasoned professionals. Just a handful of steps and you’ll be on your way to a – more secure web experience. So, why wait? Let’s begin!


Before moving with the installation steps, make sure that you have an SSL cert issued by a trusted Certificate Authority (a.k.a, CA) for the domain that you wish to – shield. To install an SSL cert on any server, you first need to – have an SSL certificate!

Once you have an SSL Cert, create a CSR and submit it to a Certificate Authority. If you are unaware of the process, just follow our other guide on “How to Create a CSR for Webmin Server?”. You will be able to create a CSR successfully.

Note: A CSR is an encoded block of text that comprises essential information about your company and domain. SSL certificate providers (Certificate Authority), like – Comodo, Certera, Sectigo, etc., use the CSR to verify the identity of the applicants. If the data within the CSR is up to date and correct and up to date, the Certificate Authority issues the SSL Certificate.

How To Install an SSL Certificate on Webmin Server?

Once the Certificate Authority has signed and sent the SSL cert, you can proceed with the installation on your – Webmin server. Follow the steps mentioned below to accomplish the same:

Step 1: Download and Unzip SSL Files

The first step is to download and unzip the SSL certificate sent by the CA on the registered email ID in the form of a zip folder, after successful verification. Make sure you have these files:

  • .crt file – (Primary certificate)
  • .ca-bundle – (root + intermediate certificates)

Step 2: Upload the Files

The next step is to upload the necessary files to the – Webmin server. Follow the steps mentioned below to accomplish the same:

  • Enter your credentials to login into the Webmin server.
  • In the left pane, select the Others option.
  • From the list, select the Upload and Download option.
  • On the page, click on the Upload to server tab.
  • In the Files to upload section, locate and add the .crt file and .ca-bundle file.

Step 3: Configure Apache using Webmin

Follow the steps mentioned below to configure Apache:

  • Open Webmin and navigate to the Un-used Modules in the left menu. Install Apache if it’s not already set up.
  • Navigate to  Servers > Apache Web Servers.
  • On the main page, click the Global Configuration tab.
  • The Global Configuration tab will open.
  • In the Global Configuration tab, find and click the Configure Apache Modules icon.
  • A list of Apache modules will appear.
  • Locate the ssl module (checkbox), check its box, and click the Enable Selected Modules button.
  • Wait for the Apache Web Server’s main page to reload.
  • Once ready, choose Create virtual host and enter these details:
    • Port: Use port 443, the standard for HTTPS.
    • Document Root: Provide the path to your website’s root folder.
    • Server Name: Enter your domain name.
  • Click the Create Now button to establish your new virtual host.
  • In the Existing virtual hosts tab, find the host you just created.
  • Click the globe icon placed adjacent to it.
  • The Virtual Server Options page will open.
  • On the Virtual Server Options page, select SSL Options and adjust the settings as follows:
    • Enable SSL: Select YES.
    • SSL protocols: Uncheck outdated SSLv2 and SSLv3 protocols.
    • Certificate/private key file: Input the server paths for your primary certificate (.crt) and private key (.key, created with your CSR).
    • Certificate authorities file: Enter the server path for your bundle file.

Step 4: Restart Apache

Now, all that’s left is to restart – Apache. Doing so successfully completes the SSL certificate installation process. Follow the steps mentioned below to accomplish the same:

  • In the left pane, click System.
  • From the list, click the Boot and Shutdown option.
  • Check the checkbox placed adjacent to the Apache checkbox.
  • Move (scroll) to the end of the page.
  • Click Restart.

Congratulations! You have successfully added and installed an SSL certificate on your Webmin server.

Test the SSL Installation

SSL connection errors can stem because of “n” number of reasons or factors, including browser complications and server issues. To thoroughly evaluate and correct these issues, it is highly recommended to utilize testing tools such as SSL Checker.

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