How To Install an SSL Certificate on Microsoft Lync Server 2013?

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Lync 2013 CSR Creation Instructions

You want to know how to secure your Lync 2013 Server with SSL, right? If “YES,” dive deeper into our simple guide on how to install an SSL Certificate on Lync 2013.

Leave technological details and sophisticated mechanisms behind. We have designed our installation manual for everyone—from the most experienced pros to the technologically challenged (tech newbies). So don’t worry and simply follow the steps mentioned. Easy, right!!


Before going through the installation steps presented below, one has to make sure that you have been issued an SSL cert by a trusted certificate authority for the domain in question. In order to install an SSL cert on any server, you first need to have an SSL certificate!

If you don’t have an SSL cert for the Lync 2013 server, create a CSR and submit it to a Certificate Authority. Before SSL Installation on the Lync 2013 Server, you need to generate CSR. If you don’t have a clue how to generate, you can follow our article ‘How to create a CSR for the Lync 2013 server?

How To Install SSL Certificate on the Lync 2013 Server?

Follow the steps mentioned below to install an SSL cert on the Lync 2013 Server:

  • Click Search, placed on the taskbar. 
  • Type Lync Server Deployment Wizard and press Enter. 
  • The Lync Server Deployment Wizard window will appear.
  • In the Lync Server Deployment Wizard window, click Install or Update Lync Server System.
  • Navigate to the Step 3: Request, Install or Assign Certificates section.
  • Under the Step 3: Request, Install or Assign Certificates section, click the Run Again button. 
  • The Certificate Wizard window will appear. 
  • In the Certificate Wizard window, click the External Edge certificate option.
  • Click the Import Certificate option. 
  • The Import Certificate page will appear. 
  • On the Import Certificate page, click Browse
  • If the selected file contains the private key, then check the checkbox placed in front of the Certificate file containing the certificate’s private key box and enter the Password.
  • Click Next.
  • The Summary page will appear. 
  • In the Summary page, verify all the details. 
  • Click Next.
  • Verify the Task status: Completed
  • Click Finish.
  • Navigate back to Certificate Wizard.
  • Under the External Edge certificate option, verify that all the services are checked.
  • Click Assign.
  • The Certificate Assignment window will appear.
  • In the Certificate Assignment window, click Next.
  • The Certificate Store window will appear. 
  • In the Certificate Store window, verify all the certificate assignment details.
  • Once verified, click Next
  • The Executing Commands page will appear. 
  • In the Executing Commands page, verify the Task status: Completed.
  • Click Finish

Kudos!! You have successfully installed an SSL certificate on the Lync 2013 server. 

Test the SSL Installation

An SSL connection error occurs either at the server end or due to complexities in a browser, and it needs to be investigated thoroughly from both ends. Testing tools need to be used when diagnosing such potential issues.

Qualys SSL testing tools come with immediate reports on some of the crucial factors, such as protocol support and how one handles mixed content. This tool will give you quick results, enabling you to discover any vulnerability in your SSL configuration and, thus, rapid measures of mitigation.

SSL Checker will enhance your ability to find the status of the installation of the SSL Certificate. The reports generated are detailed and can thus be effortlessly used to find out which places are exactly where one needs to be more careful.

A secure SSL configuration will ensure that your website stays with optimized performance and security until SSL issues are flagged and promptly acted upon.

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