How to Install SSL Certificate on Oracle Servers?

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Install SSL On Oracle Server

Install SSL Certificate on Oracle Server: A Step-by-Step Guide

Oracle servers are designed to offer various solutions like middleware, application server, database management and cloud infrastructure. So depending on the type of server you are using there are different options for installing SSL on it. Some of the server products include Oracle WebLogic, Oracle iPlanet server, Oracle wallet manager, etc; each requiring a different installation process. In the following sections will discuss the installation process for SSL on each of the servers.

Let’s Begin by Generating CSR

Creating a CSR code on Oracle Servers is easy. So, what’s the easy way?

The CSR Generator tool simplifies the process of generating a CSR. All you have to do is select all the relevant options & fill up the details for creating the CSR without any hassle.

After generating the CSR, you can open your_domain.csr file using any text editor, such as Notepad, and copy-paste its contents, including the —–BEGIN NEW CERTIFICATE REQUEST—– and —–END NEW CERTIFICATE REQUEST—–, when ordering your SSL Certificate.

Installation Process for Different Oracle Servers

Install SSL on Oracle Wallet Manager

Oracle Wallet Manager allows you to securely store & manage digital certificates & private keys used for secure communication with Oracle databases, applications, and other network services.  

Step 1: Extract the SSL certificate files.

Extract the SSL certificate files from the ZIP folder sent by your Certificate Authority. These files should include the Root CA, Intermediate, and Primary Certificate and have a .crt extension.

Step 2: Open Oracle Wallet Manager

Open Oracle Wallet Manager and click on Wallet, then Open.

Step 3: Import the Root CA certificate.

Go to Operations > Import Trusted Certificate and import your Root CA certificate from your device directory. Click OK.

Step 4: Import the Intermediate certificate.

Repeat the same process for your Intermediate CA Certificate by going to Operations > Import Trusted Certificate and uploading your intermediate certificate. Click OK.

Step 5: Import the Primary SSL Certificate

Finally, import your primary SSL Certificate by navigating to Operations > Import Trusted Certificate and uploading the file. Click OK.

Step 6: Verify the installation.

After importing all the certificates, the certificate node in the navigation menu should change from Certificate: [Requested] to Certificate: [Ready]. This means you have successfully installed the SSL certificate on Oracle Wallet Manager.

Install SSL on Oracle iPlanet Server.

Oracle iPlanet Server operated by Sun Microsystems is a high-performance, reliable, & scalable web server designed to deliver static and dynamic content to web users. It supports various web technologies such as HTTP/HTTPS, SSL, & HTML for building and deploying web applications and services.

Here are the steps to install an SSL Certificate on your Oracle iPlanet Server:

  • Go to the Server Certificates tab and click on the Install button.
  • From the Configuration list, select the configuration where you want to install the certificate.
  • Choose the appropriate Token (Cryptographic Device) that contains your keys. If your key is stored internally, select the Internal option. If it is stored externally, choose the name of the external token from the drop-down menu and enter the password for the selected token.
  • Paste the contents of your SSL Certificate in the relevant box, including the —–BEGIN NEW CERTIFICATE REQUEST—– and —–END NEW CERTIFICATE REQUEST—– tags. Alternatively, you can import your certificate file manually by clicking the Browse button.
  • Provide a nickname for your SSL Certificate, such as the name of your website or any other name you prefer.
  • Choose the HTTP Listener from the list of available options for handling secure requests.

By following these steps, you can install an SSL certificate on your Oracle iPlanet Server & ensure secure communication between your server and clients.

Oracle WebLogic Server

Oracle WebLogic is a Java-based application server that provides a platform for developing, deploying, & running enterprise applications large-scale applications, and offers a range of security features to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of sensitive data.

To install an SSL Certificate on Oracle WebLogic, follow these steps:

Step 1: Merge certificate files

To start, open each SSL certificate file using a text editor & copy the contents of each file into separate files. For example, merge your primary, intermediate, &root certificates into a single .pem file named “yourcertificate.pem”.

Step 2: Import yourcertificate.pem

Using the Java Keytool, import yourcertificate.pem file by running the following command:

keytool -import -alias [alias_name] -file [yourCertificate].pem -keystore /path_to_keystore[keystore_name].jks

Step 3: Configure SSL Certificate

  • Firstly, log in to your WebLogic server admin console, expand the Environment under Domain Structure, and click on the Servers node.
  • Select the server name you wish to configure, navigate to Configuration, and choose the Keystores tab.
  • Click on Lock & Edit under the Change Center, select Keystores under Identity and Trust Locations, and provide the fully qualified path to the custom Identity and Trust KeyStore.
  • Create a custom passphrase for the Identity and Trust KeyStore & click Save.
  • Under the SSL section in the WebLogic Server Console, navigate to the Configuration tab and specify your Private Key Alias and Passphrase.
  • Finally, save the settings, tick the SSL Listen to Port Enabled box under General, and click Activate Changes in the Change Center.

Congratulations, you have now successfully installed an SSL Certificate on Oracle WebLogic.

Test Your Installation

Testing the configuration of your SSL Certificate installation on an Oracle server or app is crucial for any possible errors or vulnerabilities. Utilizing our SSL Checker Tool can efficiently accomplish this task.

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