Why Your Website Needs a Wildcard SSL Certificate & How to Get One?

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Where to Buy Wildcard SSL Certificate

Explained What a Wildcard SSL is & How It Can Benefit Website

A wildcard SSL certificate uses a single certificate to secure multiple subdomains on the same website. For example, a website with subdomains www.example.com, blog.example.com, and mail.example.com could secure all those sub-domains with a single wildcard SSL for *.example.com. This provides an effective and affordable way to enable HTTPS across all subdomains, helping to build trust, maximize SEO potential, and avoid mixed content warnings.

Wildcard certificate secures all subdomains with HTTPS, using the padlock and “HTTPS” in the address bar to indicate a secure connection and build trust with users. Search engines give websites fully secured with HTTPS a slight SEO ranking boost, allowing all subdomains to qualify. Without an SSL, browsers may show “Mixed Content” warnings if some subdomains are http while others are https, so a wildcard certificate ensures all subdomains have consistent, secure https connections. Purchasing a wildcard SSL is also often more affordable than buying individual certificates for each subdomain.

Why a website needs a Wildcard SSL?

  • Security & Trust
  • Secure connection for all subdomains
  • Website URL starts with “HTTPS,” indicating security
  • The padlock icon in the address bar indicates trust
  • Avoids Mixed Content Warning

Security and Trust

A Wildcard SSL Certificate provides the HTTPS secure connection, padlock icon, and vouching by a trusted Certificate Authority that helps build trust with users. The certificate secures all subdomains, eliminating any insecure connections that could reduce trust and security. The consistent HTTPS experience across all URLs further enhances users’ trust in the website.

It is issued by a trusted Certificate Authority (Comodo, Sectigo, or Certera), which validates the website owner’s identity during the purchase and issuance process. The trusted Certificate Authority then acts as a vouching third party, giving users additional confidence that the website is legitimate.

Secure Connection for all Sub-Domains

Wildcard SSL uses a * (asterisk) as a wildcard character to represent any subdomain under a given domain, enabling it to encrypt HTTPS connections for an unlimited number of subdomains, securely connecting users to all parts of the website. The secure connection applies uniformly, ensuring no subdomain is left unprotected.

It provides a single point of management for all certificate needs across an entire domain and all its subdomains. When the certificate is installed on the website’s web server, it automatically secures connections to any subdomain under that top-level domain.

Without a wildcard certificate, a website would need to purchase individual SSL certificates for each subdomain. This can be more expensive and cumbersome to manage since a new certificate would be required whenever a new subdomain is added.

Website URL starts with “HTTPS,” indicating security

When a website uses a wildcard SSL to secure its domain and all subdomains with HTTPS, its URLs will all begin with ‘HTTPS’ instead of the insecure ‘HTTP.’ This indicates to users that a secure connection is in use.

For example, with a wildcard certificate for *.example.com, the URLs would be:

  • https://www.example.com
  • https://blog.example.com
  • https://mail.example.com

Padlock Icon in Address Bar Indicating Trust

the browsers of visitors to those subdomains will display a locked padlock icon in the address bar. The lock icon indicates that the website has implemented HTTPS and an SSL certificate to encrypt the connection and thereby protect users’ privacy and data as they browse.

The Padlock indicates the following to Visitors

  • The identity of the website owner has been authenticated. The SSL certificate was issued by a trusted Certificate Authority, who confirmed the website owner’s identity during the issuance process.
  • The connection to the website is secure and encrypted, so users can trust that their data and communications are protected in transit.
  • The website takes security seriously and has tried implementing HTTPS to secure its users’ data and privacy.

Avoids Mixed Content Warning

Wildcard SSL certificate can help avoid mixed content warnings and ensure that your website is fully secured with HTTPS. It improves the user experience & helps build trust with your visitors by providing a consistent and secure browsing experience across all subdomains of your website. By avoiding mixed content warnings, you can avoid potential SEO penalties and maintain your search engine rankings.

SEO Benefits of a Wildcard SSL Certificate

  • HTTPS can Boost your SEO rankings
  • Search Engines favor secure websites

HTTPS Can Boost Your SEO Rankings

Using a Wildcard SSL with HTTPS can potentially have a positive impact on your website’s SEO rankings. As HTTPS is a ranking factor for search engines like Google/Bing. When a website uses HTTPS, it means that the data exchanged between the user’s browser & website server is encrypted. It is important because it helps protect sensitive information, such as login credentials or financial data, from being intercepted by hackers or other malicious actors.

Search Engines favor secure websites

Search engines like Google prioritize user experience and consider website security an important factor in this regard. Websites that use HTTPS are more likely to provide a safe & trustworthy experience for users, which can lead to higher levels of user engagement & satisfaction. This can translate into higher search engine rankings and improved visibility in search results.

How to Get a Wildcard SSL Certificate?

To get a Wildcard SSL certificate, perform the following steps

  • First, choose a reputable SSL certificate provider like Certera, Comodo, or Sectigo, and select the Wildcard SSL you need based on your website’s requirements.
  • Most SSL providers offer a range of Wildcard SSL options, with prices and features varying depending on the security level and support you require.
  • The best option is the Certera Wildcard SSL Certificate, at the lowest price of just $19.99/year, with the strongest 256-bit encryption and instant issuance in minutes.
  • Next, you must generate a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) and private key, which is a code that contains information about your website and is used to verify your identity.
  • You can generate a CSR using your web hosting control panel or our CSR Generator Tool.
  • Once you have your CSR, you will need to submit it to your SSL provider along with any other required documentation, such as proof of ownership or control over your domain name.
  • Your SSL provider will then verify your identity and issue your Wildcard SSL.

After you receive your certificate, you will need to install it on your web server. The specific installation steps will vary depending on your web server and operating system, but most SSL providers offer detailed instructions or support to help you through the process.

Once your Wildcard SSL certificate is installed, you can configure your website to use HTTPS and enjoy the benefits of secure and encrypted communication. Remember to renew your certificate periodically to ensure continued security and protection for your website and visitors.

FAQs for Wildcard SSL Certificate

1. How does a Wildcard SSL certificate work?

Installing a Wildcard SSL will secure the domain name and all subdomains using the asterisk (*) symbol. For example, if you have a Wildcard SSL for *.example.com, it will secure blog.example.com, store.example.com, etc.

2. What are the benefits of using a Wildcard SSL certificate?

A Wildcard SSL certificate can help simplify certificate management and reduce costs by securing multiple subdomains with one certificate. It can also improve website security and user trust by providing a consistent and secure browsing experience across all subdomains.

3. Are there any limitations to using a Wildcard SSL certificate?

One limitation of Wildcard SSL is that it can only secure subdomains on the same level as the domain name. For example, a Wildcard SSL for *.example.com cannot secure subdomains like sub.sub.example.com. Additionally, if one subdomain is compromised, it can potentially affect the security of all other subdomains.

4. How do I buy a Wildcard SSL certificate?

To get a Wildcard SSL certificate, you will need to choose a reputable SSL provider, generate a Certificate Signing Request (CSR), and submit it to your provider along with any required documentation. Your provider will then verify your identity and issue the certificate.

5. How do I install a Wildcard SSL certificate?

The installation process for a Wildcard SSL will vary depending on your web server and operating system. Most SSL providers offer detailed instructions or support to help you through the process.

6. How long does a Wildcard SSL certificate last?

The lifespan of a Wildcard SSL certificate can vary depending on the provider and the specific certificate. Most Wildcard SSL is valid for 1-3 years, after which they will need to be renewed to maintain security and protection for your website and its visitors.

Obtain Wildcard SSL Certificate and enable security for your Primary Domain and Unlimited subdomains.

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