The Advantages of Wildcard SSL Certificate

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Top Advantages of Wildcard SSL Certificate

Understanding Wildcard SSL Certificate Security and Advantages

A Wildcard SSL certificates provide an automated yet robust way for businesses to securely connect all their subdomains with one certificate while achieving the same security, trust, and encryption benefits as standard SSL certificates.

A wildcard SSL certificate is a type of digital certificate that secures not just one domain or subdomain but any number of sub-domains associated with the base domain name. For example, a wildcard certificate issued for * would securely connect

  • any other first-level subdomain under

Once installed for the base domain, a wildcard SSL immediately begins securing all existing subdomains and will automatically secure any new sub-domains created in the future. This property provides a simple yet comprehensive security solution for businesses with multiple subdomains under the same domain name.

Like standard SSL certificates, wildcard certificates use the SSL/TLS encryption protocols to encrypt data in transit, authenticate the website to visitors, and inspire trust through the padlock icon and ‘HTTPS’ in the address bar. The certificate is issued by a trusted certificate authority which verifies the business owns the domain and is authorized to secure sub-domains within it.

The main differences are the scope and flexibility of a wildcard certificate. While a standard SSL certificate can only secure one subdomain, a wildcard certificate can scale to match the needs of growing businesses. They typically remain valid for 1-2 years, when unlimited subdomains can be secured under that single certificate. This enables a cost-effective security solution that grows with the business. Reading this blog will help you to understand why your website needs a Wildcard SSL Certificate and what are the main advantages of Wildcard SSL Certificate.

Top Advantages of Wildcard SSL Certificates

  • Security
  • Convenience
  • Cost Saving
  • Trust
  • Flexibility
  • Boost SEO Ranking

Security & 256-Bit Encryption

A wildcard SSL certificate provides businesses a comprehensive security solution for all their subdomains. When visitors connect to any subdomain secured by the certificate – whether www, mail, info, login, or any custom subdomain – their connection is encrypted using the proven SSL/TLS protocols and 256-bit strong encryption strength. This security capability ensures that all data transmitted, including sensitive information like credit card numbers, passwords, and personal details, remains private and secure from potential hackers and snoops.

The wildcard certificate authenticates all sub-domains associated with the primary domain, proving visitors connect securely to a legitimate website, not a fake or phishing site. The Padlock Icon and HTTPS URL displayed in the browser help inspire trust and confidence in visitors, signaling that the various subdomains operate securely. Certera Wildcard SSL, Sectigo, or Comodo Wildcard SSL provides enterprises with a flexible yet robust security solution that can grow with their business needs, effortlessly securing new sub-domains as they are created.

Convenience – Not to Purchase SSL Individually

Wildcard SSL certificates offer businesses a tremendously convenient way to connect all of their sub-domains with a single certificate securely; this is the prime advantage of it. Once a wildcard certificate is installed for the primary domain, it begins securing an unlimited number of first-level subdomains associated with that domain. Hence, businesses do not need to purchase and install separate SSL certificates for each subdomain as they are created – the wildcard certificate automatically secures any new subdomains.

It simplifies certificate management and saves valuable time and resources that would otherwise be spent purchasing, installing, and renewing multiple certificates. The single wildcard certificate also remains valid for all new and existing sub-domains, eliminating the hassle of coordinating certificate renewals and expirations across multiple certificates. The automation and flexibility provided by a wildcard SSL certificate are highly convenient for growing businesses with numerous subdomains, allowing them to focus their efforts elsewhere while still providing a secure connection for all domains within their primary domain name.

Cost Savings

Wildcard SSL certificates provide substantial cost savings for businesses with multiple subdomains by consolidating what would otherwise be multiple individual certificates into a single certificate. While a standard SSL certificate only secures one sub-domain, a wildcard certificate can secure an unlimited number of first-level subdomains associated with a primary domain name. As businesses add new subdomains, they do not need to purchase additional certificates – the existing wildcard certificate automatically secures the new subdomains.

It avoids the upfront costs of purchasing separate certificates and the ongoing costs of renewing and managing multiple certificates. Since wildcard certificates typically cost only marginally more than a standard SSL certificate but can secure an unlimited number of subdomains, the overall certificate spending per subdomain is significantly lower.


A wildcard SSL certificate from a trusted certificate authority installs the same level of trust and confidence for all a business’s sub-domains as a standard SSL certificate provides for a single domain. When visitors arrive at any subdomain secured by the wildcard certificate – whether it’s mail, EU, admin, login, or a custom subdomain – they see the familiar padlock icon and ‘HTTPS’ in the address bar of their web browser. These visual indicators signal to visitors that the website uses encryption and has been issued a certificate from a trusted party, engendering a sense of security, legitimacy, and trust.


Wildcard SSL certificates offer businesses extreme flexibility in securely connecting unlimited sub-domains associated with their primary domain name. Once a wildcard certificate is installed for the primary domain, any “first-level subdomain” created in the future is automatically secured by that certificate – without requiring the purchase and installation of additional certificates. As a business scales and evolves, adding new subdomains to meet the needs of customers, partners, regions, and more – the wildcard certificate seamlessly adapts to secure those new subdomains.

SEO Benefits

Wildcard SSL certificates can provide several SEO benefits for businesses by securely connecting all their subdomains. The secure HTTPS connection and padlock icon displayed in the browser address bar signal to search engines that the various sub-domains are legitimate, secure websites – which can positively impact their ranking and visibility in search results.

Google has openly stated that they give some preferential treatment in search to websites accessed over HTTPS versus regular HTTP to reward more secure and trusted sites. Since a wildcard certificate secures all sub-domains associated with a domain, it can provide this HTTPS advantage for multiple properties under one certificate. The heightened perception of trust and legitimacy that a wildcard SSL certificate conveys to users and search engines can also positively affect SEO.

Obtain Wildcard SSL Certificate and enable security for your Primary Domain and Unlimited subdomains