Decode your CSR to Verify its Contents

Verify and Confirm that your Certificate Signing Request Contains Correct Information.


Free CSR Decoder SSL Tool

Decrypt your CSR File and Verify that Information is Accurate and Well-Formatted

The CSR DECODER TOOL will decrypt your CSR (Certificate Signing Request) information to ensure accuracy. When applying for an SSL certificate, CSRs are encrypted with the data submitted to a CA (Certificate Authority), such as Certera.

Copy and paste your CSR into the box below, and our CSR Decoder shall take care of the rest so you can review the information encoded in it and check CSRs. The first line of your CSR ought to state "-----BEGIN CERTIFICATE REQUEST-----" and the last line should state "-----END CERTIFICATE REQUEST-----."

Similarly, CSR starts with:


And ends with:


Note: At the time of submitting CSR, you're required to copy from beginning till end along with dashes.

Enter CSR Into CSR Decoder Tool

Use the Free CSR Decoder Tool to check the accuracy of the CSR details on your SSL certificate.

CSR Decoder is a handy tool that decrypts data associated with your Certificate Signing Request to ensure that it contains accurate information. A Certificate authority receives CSRs' secure encrypted messages containing identification data. Since the information included in a CSR is encoded, it is challenging to determine what it contains once generated. Subsequently, certificate authorities utilize the data in CSRs to generate certificates; you must decode CSRs to ensure the data is accurate.

With this tool, a CSR can be decoded, and its information shown in a readable manner. The CSR will be examined for formatting. You will be provided with a properly structured CSR if any issues occur.

Here's Why We Encourage Verifying Your CSR After It Has Been Created.

Sometimes, CSR gets mixed. Moreover, if you work for a sizeable enterprise-level organization, you must maintain hundreds of SSL certificates simultaneously. Therefore, renewing your SSL certificate using an outdated CSR is feasible. Additionally, if you must handle numerous SSL certificates, you can submit the incorrect CSR, which may lead to more significant challenges. It is better to confirm the accuracy of your generated CSR.

How do I read a CSR File?

An SSL Certificate decoder may be used to read CSR files. The decoder will extract the encrypted data from the CSR file and transform it into a readable form to help you understand what each field in the CSR file represents. The precise information required to verify and approve the SSL can also be found using the decoded data.

What data will I see once the CSR has been decoded?

Your country of residence, location, state, town, organization name, a division within your organization, the domain name for which the SSL Certificate should be issued, and the mailing address to which your CSR code and Private Key will be sent once they have both been generated make up the information you provided in your SSL Certificate Request.