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Comodo Client Certificate

Encrypt Email Communications and Assure your Identity

Avail yourself of the Comodo Client Certificate to secure all your organizational email communications. It will help you encrypt emails and attached documents to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information. With the help of its encryption technology and public/private keys, you can ensure that all stakeholders communicate in a secure environment and are safe from phishing. Moreover, it aids in authenticating the client machine while trying to access the mail server and associated resources.

Secure Email Communications & Build Authentic Digital Identity

30 Days Money Back 30 Days Money Back
Powerful Email Security Powerful Email Security
Two-Factor Authentication Two-Factor
Digital Email Encryption Digital Email

Top Class Client Certificate to Encrypt Sensitive Email Communications

Comodo Client Certificate is a digital authentication certificate that aids in building an authentic digital identity and secure email using encryption. It mostly gets utilized in organizations where the company has to verify the identity of stakeholders before providing access to internal resources.

As Comodo is a top-notch Certificate Authority, it aligns all such security certificates with the latest industry standards and helps firms to maintain a secure digital environment. Additionally, the Comodo Client certificate assures to disable persons with no valid certificate to enter into the network and prevent them from performing any operation.

A More Advanced Mechanism Than Two-Factor Authentication

Comodo client certificate is more sprightful than Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), as it prevents malicious attackers from impersonating the identity; it is available in X.509 format and comes with preset usage permissions to sign emails, encrypt conversations, authenticate clients, and sign sensitive documents.

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Comodo Client Certificate Features

  • Sign & Encrypt Emails
  • Increase Brands Reputation
  • 2048-Bit Encryption Strength
  • 30 Days Moneyback Guarantee
  • 99.99% Device Compatibility
  • Prevents Email Tampering
  • Technical Support
  • Automatic encryption of your email replies.
  • Can sign documents digitally

Comodo Client Certificate Benefits

Builds Digital ReputationBuilds Digital Reputation

To avail yourself of the Comodo Client Certificate, you must undergo the validation procedure, in which CA verifies your legitimacy and authenticity. And when you sign the email using the certificate, the receiver understands that you are a CA-verified. Hence, your emails don't get reported, and your reputation increases.

Encrypts Email ConversationsEncrypts Email Conversations

Using the cryptographic keys, the client certificate encrypts the content of the email and allows only the legitimate party to access the mail and read its content. As a result, data integrity, confidentiality, and availability are maintained only among the parties having relevant corresponding keys.

Document ProtectionDocument Protection

With the help of the Comodo Personal Authentication Certificate, you can steal your confidential files with a digital signature & transfer them in a highly encrypted transmission channel, away from the eyes of threat actors. It helps maintain the document's confidentiality and share it among authorized personnel.

Mass DeploymentMass Deployment

Comodo provides a certificate management platform, using this you can distribute multiple client certificates at once; this helps to save time and reduce efforts in managing all the certificates in an organization, and it also makes the overall procedure zero-touch, accurate, and seamless.

Seamless ValidationSeamless Validation

All Comodo Client certificates are available at all three validation levels. Once you purchase the certificate, the Certificate Authority (CA) contacts you at your registered email address and provides instructions & document requirements. And after validating your details, it issues you a certificate within a minimal time.

Compatible Across Digital PlatformsCompatible Across Digital Platforms

Comodo Client Certificate is compatible with all significant mail servers, browsers, and digital document platforms, such as Microsoft Office. You can utilize it anywhere, including Microsoft Outlook, to encrypt emails, build a digital reputation and maintain data integrity while sharing document files online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have Questions? We're here to help.

What exactly is a Client certificate?

A client certificate is for verifying the identity of a user demanding access to a resource or sending an email. Mainly, it gets used by organizations in a remote working environment to validate or block the users based on client certificate validity to access the internal network.

How does the Comodo Client Certificate work?

To start utilizing the Comodo Client Certificate, you must configure client certificate authentication. Once it gets configured, the users with a valid certificate will only gain access to the network and access and utilize resources.

When someone tries to log in, the mail server will verify the account credentials and validate the certificate. If both the details match successfully, then only the user will obtain the login and relevant permission. Furthermore, the user can use a client certificate to encrypt the mail and embed its signature to inform the receiver about the email's legitimacy.

What is the primary purpose of a client certificate?

The primary purpose of a client certificate is to prove one’s identity. It helps the email sender to encrypt the overall content and digitally sign it. It helps maintain data integrity, and the receiver quickly confirms that the email is from a legitimate sender.

What is the benefit of encrypting an email?

Email encryption converts the overall content into an unreadable format, allowing only users with corresponding cryptographic keys to read it. As a result, sensitive information remains confidential and unauthorized users get prevented from reading personal communications.

Are there any compatibility issues with Comodo Client Certificate?

It is compatible with a wide range of email clients like Thunderbird, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Outlook, Windows Mail, and many more. As it is trusted by these email clients; you can be sure that your email communications are encrypted.

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