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Email Certificates

Encrypt Emails and Documents by adding digital signature

Email certificate is the digital security certificate explicitly designed to secure and encrypt email messages. It offers a security layer that ensures the recipient that the email is coming from a known source and the email hasn't been tampered with. Further, it authenticates the content of an email is not modified in any form, and it's in its original form.

Authenticate & Prove Identity of Your Email using an Email Certificate

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Email Certificates to Securely Sign your Documents and Emails

The Email certificates are offered with the latest security standards matching the policies of CA/B Forum that helps keep your email message secure via the latest hashing process. Likewise, an email certificate also comes with notifying email recipients if the email is altered in any form or not, which helps build trust and confidence.

Your send email will be digitally signed with this certificate using the secure hashing algorithm, and public-key-private-key pair; the receipt will be able to decrypt the email with its relevant private key. This encryption & decryption process is ensuring the data integrity.

Types of Digital Documents can be Signed with Digital Signature

  • Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Apache Open Office
  • MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.)
SMIME Email Signing – Video

Email Certificates Features

  • Encrypt/Decrypt Email Messages
  • Visual clues of showing email are encrypted using a blue lock tick in emails
  • Showing a checkmark icon that confirms the email is coming from the known source and it's in its original form
  • The decryption of email attachments only by an intended email recipient
  • Automatically encrypting email replies
  • Allows you to secure your plain text messages
  • Secure email messages using strong SHA 256-bits encryption standard
  • More than 99% compatibility with globally popular email clients like Thunderbird, Outlook, or Microsoft Exchange and with mobile operating systems
  • Securely Sign Documents and Emails

Email Certificates Benefits

Email EncryptionEmail Encryption

Once you send an email, it goes through different ports before reaching its destination point. Similarly, there's a possibility your email can get compromised and tampered with by any malicious cybercrook, and your recipient may receive an altered email. But you can prevent such incidents by signing your email messages using an email certificate as it digitally signs and encrypts your email. Likewise, the intended receiver will even get notified if your email message is tampered with.

Verification of the Person Who Sent an EmailVerification of the Person Who Sent an Email

Once you sign your email with an email certificate, your unique digital signature and unique ID get attached to an email. In addition, once you send an email and it lands in the receiver's inbox, it gets cross verified to know whether an email is coming from a genuine source or not.

Improved ReputationImproved Reputation

Spam emails are one of the major reasons companies suffer confidential information leaks, leading to bigger data breaches and losses. However, to secure, various security steps have to be taken, and one of the important ones is to secure your emails using a secure email certificate. It helps assure email is genuine and hasn't been tampered with while helping improve the company's reputation.

Lessened Phishing Emails Lessened Phishing Emails

Digital security certificates like email certificates assure email receivers that it's coming from a trusted source and that email is safe to open or attachments are secure to download. Therefore, you can say it'll help lessen phishing emails because users will get to know whether an email you sent is original or not due to the visible trust indicator like your digital signature.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have Questions? We're here to help.

What is an Email Certificate?

It's one type of digital security certificate used to sign your email messages using a unique ID and digital signature, so the email receiver can know the received email is from a genuine source and not altered in any form.

Is It Possible to Use Email Certificates for Document & Files Signing?

No, it's not possible to sign documents and file using an email certificate. Likewise, you can only sign your email messages.

Is It Necessary to Buy an Email Certificate?

No, it's not compulsory to buy an email certificate. Furthermore, if you're sending or receiving email messages for a professional purpose, such as sending or receiving office emails that include sensitive information regarding the company, in that case, it's recommended to use an email certificate. In addition, it assures the recipient that the email you send is from a genuine source and hasn't been altered by any malicious hacker.

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