How to Convert .CER to .CRT in OpenSSL?

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Convert CER to CRT in OpenSSL

Are you having trouble converting a .cer file to a .crt using OpenSSL? If affirmative, then there is no need to – fret, as we are here to help as always. And you may not be the only one facing this issue, as this issue is a relatively standard problem. Especially for those in need of shielding their servers using an SSL cert or any other X.509 digital certificate.

While both of these file formats (.csr and .cer) are used interchangeably, certain situations create the need for a specific file format owing to the server used. Because every server needs different file formats and extensions to work.

Some servers might need .pfx, .crt, .pem, etc., and others might need a .cer file. So, it becomes paramount for you to know how to change a file format into another. In this article, we will explore how to convert a .cer extension file to a .crt file and vice-versa. Why wait? Let’s start!

How to Convert .cer to .crt in OpenSSL?

Follow the steps mentioned below to convert .cer to .crt in OpenSSL:

Prerequisite: Download and Install OpenSSL on your device.

Type the below-mentioned command to convert .cer to .crt in OpenSSL:

openssl x509 -inform PEM -in <filepath>/certificate.cert -out certificate.crt

This is all that you need to do. It was simple, correct? Now, as a bonus, let’s see how to convert .crt to .cer in OpenSSL in the next section.

How to Convert .crt File Extension to .cer in OpenSSL?

Follow the steps mentioned below to convert .crt to .cer:

  • Double-click the file having the .crt extension that you desire to convert to .cer.
  • Verify that .crt is opened into the certificate display.
  • Click the Details tab.
  • Click the Copy to File option.
  • The Certificate wizard will open.
  • In the Certificate wizard, click the Next option.
  • Select the Base-64 encoded X.509 (.cer) option.
  • Browse to the place where you desire to save the altered file.
  • Type the filename that you want to give. (Give a friendly name or something that you can recognize it with)
  • Save the converted file.

Kudos! You have successfully converted your SSL cert having .crt extension to .cer. And, with this, your issue has been resolved!

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