How to Install an SSL Certificate In F5 BIG IP (version 9)?

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Install an SSL/TLS Certificate In F5 BIG IP Version 9

In this detailed guide, we will walk you through the process of installing an SSL certificate on your F5 Big-IP Load Balancer v9. Securing your server or device is paramount, so follow the steps diligently to ensure a smooth installation.

Step 1: Unzip the Certificate Files

Once the CA (Certificate Authority) has verified that the details mentioned in the CSR (Code Signing Request) are correct, it digitally signs the certificate and sends the cert files to the applicant’s registered email in a .zip folder.

Unzip and extract the content of the .zip folder. Verify that you have the below-mentioned certificate files with you:

  • Your Server Certificate (If you haven’t received it via email, you can easily download it from your Account Dashboard by locating your order.)
  • Intermediate Certificates (There might be multiple intermediate certificates, especially if your certificate came in a .zip folder. The folder that contains these certs is also referred to as a CA Bundle. Download the appropriate CA Bundle from SSLPoint if the intermediate certificate(s) is missing.)
  • Private Key (This file should be in your hands (possession) or on your server if you used a free generator tool to create a CSR. Note that some platforms, like Microsoft IIS, may not immediately show the private key, but it is still kept track of.)

Step 2: Install the SSL Certificate

Now that you have all the necessary files ready let’s proceed with the SSL certificate installation on your F5 BIG IP Load Balancer (v9). This is a straightforward process comprising of only three steps:

  • Install the SSL certificate
  • Enable Intermediate certificate
  • Configure the server (Enable the SSL)

Install the SSL Certificate

Follow the steps mentioned below to install the SSL certificate:

  • Launch the F5 BIG-IP Web Graphical User Interface(GUI).
  • In the left pane, expand the Local Traffic section.
  • Click SSL Certificates.
  • Under the General Properties section, select your certificate’s name (assigned during the CSR creation).
  • Select the .crt file that you received from the Certificate Authority.
  • Click Open.
  • Click Import.

Enable Intermediate certificate

Follow the steps mentioned below to enable the intermediate certificates:

  • Navigate back to the Web GUI.
  • Expand the Local Traffic section.
  • Click SSL Certificates.
  • Select Import.
  • Select the certificate again underthe Import Type, then click the Create New option.
  • Enter a name of your choice for your certificate and browse for the intermediate certificate file (CA Bundle) received via email.
  • Click Open.
  • Click Import.

Configure the Server for SSL (Enable the SSL)

Follow the steps mentioned below to configure the server for SSL:

  • Open or create an SSL Profile that you will be using with the SSL certificate.
  • Choose Configuration, and from the list, select Advanced.
  • Select the Server Certificate (The one that you installed above).
  • Under Chain, browse for the Intermediate Certificate (The one that you named and imported in the previous steps).
  • Click Save.

Congratulations! You have successfully installed an SSL certificate on F5 BIG IP v9.


  • Restart the server if required.
  • If you have numerous devices or servers to secure, you need to install the certificate on each one of those.

Test the Installation

To ensure everything is working as expected, visit your website in your browser at https://yourdomain.tld and verify the website or certificate information to confirm that HTTPS is functioning correctly.

You can also use SSL testing tools (SSL Checker, SSL Labs, etc.) to verify the installation status by obtaining a detailed breakdown of technical information, like cipher suits, handshake simulation, signing algorithms, etc.

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