How to Install SSL Certificate on SAP Application Server?

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Install SSL On SAP Application Server

SSL Installation on SAP Application Serve: A Step-by-Step Guide

This comprehensive guide will walk you through the process of installing an SSL certificate on an SAP Application Server. In this guide, we will take you through the process of generating a CSR on SAP & install the SSL certificate once you receive it from the CA. So, let’s get started!

CSR Generation: The Beginning

To get an SSL certificate, you must first generate a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) and the private key, which will remain stored on the SAP server. Use our CSR Generator Tool to create CSR and Private Key.

The CA will then issue an SSL certificate that you can install on your SAP server to enable secure connections. How? Let’s get started.

SSL Installation Process on SAP Application Server: How can You Do it?

To install an SSL Certificate on your SAP system, download the necessary SSL files from your CA’s email & prepare them for installation. The files must adhere to the PKCS#7 certificate chain format. Once you have the SSL files, you can perform the following steps to install the SSL Certificate: 

Step 1: Prepare the SSL Files

After downloading & extracting the ZIP Folder, you will get the SSL Certificate, intermediate certificate (CA Bundle), and the root certificate from your CA. Open these files with a text editor and copy the contents of each certificate into a separate text (.txt) file.

Step 2: Upload your Primary SSL Certificate

  • Log into your SAP Admin Console & open Trust Manager
  • Here, expand SSL server PSE node
  • Select your Application Server & go to the PSE maintenance section.
  • Select “Import Cert. Response” and upload your primary SSL Certificate with the .crt extension or paste the contents of the SSL Certificate .txt file into the corresponding box.
  • Primary SSL Certificate is uploaded

Step 3: Add the Intermediate and Root Certificates

Depending on your system setup, you will need to add the intermediate & root certificates in one of three locations: Certificate Database, File System, or a Different PSE.

Install the intermediate & root certificates in one of three locations “Certificate Database, File System, or a Different PSE” depending on your system configuration.

Import Certificate in the Certificate Database:

  • Go to the certificate section and select “Import certificate
  • Select the “Database” tab
  • Choose your certificate from the certificate database and click “Enter.”
  • Click on “Add to Certificate List
  • Save the data

Add Certificate in File System:

  • Go to the certificate section and select “Import certificate
  • From the “Import Certificate” dialog, specify the corresponding file name.
  • Choose “Base 64” for the certificate’s file format
  • Click “Enter.”
  • The certificate is available in the certificate maintenance section.
  • Click on Add to Certificate List
  • Save the data.

Steps to add Certificate using a Different PSE:

  • Expand the node for the PSE that contains the certificate and choose an application server by double-clicking on it.
  • From the list of certificates in the PSE maintenance section, select your certificate by double-clicking on it.
  • Double-click on your application server under the SSL server PSE node.
  • Click on “Add to Certificate List“.
  • Save the changes made to the certificate.

These steps will enable you to add intermediate and root certificates to your SAP system, completing the SSL Certificate installation process.

Congratulations, your SSL certificate is now installed on your SAP system.

It is advisable to run a diagnostic test on your SSL installation once the installation is completed in SAP, as some SSL errors or vulnerabilities may still exist. We recommend using our SSL Checker tool to review the proper SSL certificate Installation.

Where to Find the Best SSL Certificate for SAP?

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