RapidSSL Certificate Secures single domain - www and non-www
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Single Root & Ultra-fast SSL Certificate

Protect your website with cost-effective, super-fast and industry standard encryption domain validated SSL Certificates.


RapidSSL Certificate

Secures single domain - www and non-www

RapidSSL is an exceptionally unique SSL certificate designed to offer websites and applications with rapid, secure encryption. It provides SSL certificates with the most recent encryption standards and advanced technology. This is an excellent security approach for smaller to medium-sized businesses, websites, individuals, and anyone looking for one hundred percent encryption on their website rapidly. The 128/256-bit industry-standard encryption degree of this RapidSSL Standard DV Certs enables it to be provided within minutes of being purchased.

Cheap Standard Domain Validated SSL Certificate with Larger Warranty and High 128/256-bit Encryption

30 Days Money Back 30 Days Money Back
24x7 Support 24x7 Support
Site Seal Secured by Rapid SSL
Domain Validation Automated Online Validation

Buy RapidSSL Certificate for Standard DV Security

RapidSSL certificates, formerly referred to as RapidSSL Standard DV, can swiftly and affordably protect your website. RapidSSL certificates that are proficient with the latest technologies and encryption standards. RapidSSL is primarily concerned with domain validation certificates for a single domain and several sub-domains. In the SSL market, entry-level SSL certificates are rarely available at such an affordable cost.

Rapid SSL certificates are perfectly apt as entry-level certificates or when a small organization needs simple encryption. It is well renowned for being quite inexpensive, providing an extremely quick issuing process, and offering unlimited server licenses at no additional cost, making it the ideal economical SSL certificate option for securing anything as basic as a login page or an internal network.

If you're looking for an encryption solution immediately, check out and get a cheap RapidSSL certificates from CerteraSSL.

The best part is that RapidSSL is compatible with 99% of browsers and provides minimal security messages to website visitors. Additionally, it includes a static site seal that will further show that your domain is secured by SSL/TLS encryption.

  • 2048-bit CSR encryption and the 128/256-bit SSL standard
  • Online Automated Validation
  • Complete Domain Validation Approach
  • Enhanced Compatibility

RapidSSL Certificate Features

  • Rapid Issuance
  • Most Affordable SSL Certificate for Installation
  • Protects both www and non-www
  • Limitless - Install on Multiple Servers
  • 100% Warranty
  • A Money-Back Guarantee for 30 Days
  • Limitless Re-issuance
  • Maximise Search Engine Positioning
  • Zero Paperwork
  • Least Expensive
  • Secured encryption of 256-bit
  • Domain name Just displayed on the Certificate

RapidSSL Certificate Benefits

Robust Encryption Robust Encryption

RapidSSL certificates provide the latest 256-bit algorithm that encrypts traveling online data and protects it from breaches and data snooping.

Secured Site Seal for Free Secured Site Seal for Free

Users are assured by a static and secured site seal from RapidSSL that the website is highly secure with the most recent algorithm and that all login information and financial transactions will be maintained confidential.

Rapid Domain Validation Rapid Domain Validation

RapidSSL DV Certificates are issued quickly and without delay because no additional paperwork or legal procedures are required.

Compatible with browsersCompatible with browsers

Your users are secure irrespective of the web browser or device they used for accessing your site, thanks to the RapidSSL Certificate’s 99.9% compatibility.


RapidSSL Certificate

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Multiple Years Option N/A N/A N/A
Domain Security Secures 1 WWW and Non-WWW Domain Secures 1 WWW and Non-WWW Domain Secures 1 WWW and Non-WWW Domain
Issuance Time Minutes Minutes Minutes
Validation Requirement Domain Validation Domain Validation Domain Validation
Visible Trust Indicator HTTPS + Padlock + Site Seal HTTPS + Padlock + Site Seal HTTPS + Padlock + Site Seal
CSR Key Size 2048-bit 2048-bit 2048-bit
Encryption Strength 256-Bit Encryption 256-Bit Encryption 256-Bit Encryption
Site Seal Static Site Seal Static Site Seal Static Site Seal
Browser Compliance More than 99% More than 99% More than 99%
Server Licensing Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Installation/Technical Support N/A N/A N/A
Warranty $10,000 $10,000 $10,000
Refund Policy 30 Days Refund 30 Days Refund 30 Days Refund
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Frequently Asked Questions

Have Questions? We're here to help.

What is a RapidSSL Certificate?

RapidSSL is a single-root, 128/256-bit 100% secure standard domain validated SSL certificate. Due to this, it is the perfect option for a small e-commerce site or an efficient approach to protect things like users' login forms.

What is RapidSSL Price?

If you Buy RapidSSL Certificate from CerrteraSSL, It’s incredibly affordable and readily available to everyone. It costs as less as $15.00/year.

Is Rapid SSL Safe?

Rapid SSL certs are recognized as reliable and trustworthy since they protect online communications using industry-standard encryption methods, SHA-2 hashing, a 2048-bit private key, and a 256-bit encryption key for added security.

What is RapidSSL Used for?

RapidSSL Standard is a simple yet secured, recommended, and standard Domain Validated Certificate that can protect a single domain or subdomain. On the other hand, RapidSSL Wildcard SSL is a precious certificate since it enables you to secure both your website and all your sub-domains.

Is Rapid SSL Suitable?

Although, RapidSSL is affordable and dependable, they also have a small range of certificates. Unlike most other certificate authorities, RapidSSL does not offer Extended Validation Certificates or Multi-Domain Certificates.

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