Enterprise SSL Pro Wildcard Secures a primary domain and all sub-domains
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Enterprise Level sub-domains Security

Secure unlimited sub-domains within Single SSL with the enterprise level security and validation.

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Comodo Enterprise SSL Pro Wildcard Certificate

Unlimited Sub-Domains Security under One SSL

The Comodo Enterprise SSL Pro Wildcard certificate is one of the most useful Enterprise SSL, ideally helpful for securing and managing websites and unlimited sub-domains that manage Enterprise clients and massive internal infrastructures. Cost-effective SSL helps secure domains or IP addresses along with unlimited sub-domains of the enterprise-level company while preventing unwanted repetitive tasks as well as the expenses of buying individual SSL certificates.

Secure Domain & Unlimited Sub-domains of Your Enterprise Level Website

30 Days Money Back 30 Days Money Back
24x7 Support 24x7 Support
Site Seal Site Seal
Organization Validation Organization Validation

Secure Enterprise Client’s Data During Transmission Between Browser & Server

Capable of offering up to SHA 256-bit symmetric encryption and ECC or RSA 2048-bit signature key Enterprise SSL Pro Wildcard certificate provides all the latest SSL security features that help keep enterprise client's data secure during transmission between client and server.

In addition, applicants must undergo a validation process where the certificate authority verifies business legitimacy. And, in this 1 to 3-day verification process, you're required to produce a local government issued document that is verified against an accepted online government database.

Sub-Domains secured with EnterpriseSSL Pro Wildcard

  • www.domain.com
  • domain.com
  • blog.domain.com
  • mail.domain.com
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Enterprise SSL Pro Wildcard Certificate Features

  • Secure unlimited sub-domains
  • OV SSL Certificate
  • Issuance in 1-3 Days
  • 256-Bit Encryption Strength
  • 2048-Bit Signature Length
  • HTTPS + Padlock + Organization Name in Certificate
  • Boost SEO Performance
  • Unlimited Server License
  • 99.99% Browser Trust
  • Comodo’s Dynamic Site Seal
  • Warranty of $1,500,000
  • 30 Day Moneyback Guarantee

Enterprise SSL Pro Wildcard Certificate Benefits

Easy Management & Cost-EffectiveEasy Management & Cost-Effective

Enterprise SSL Pro Wildcard certificate is easy to manage as well as cost-effective. It helps secure one main domain and unlimited sub-domains, making it easier to manage. For example, you won't be required to repeat the same task as generating CSR or going through the same business verification process. Likewise, it also makes it inexpensive as you don't require to purchase an SSL certificate individually for sub-domains. And, with only one SSL certificate, your domain and all sub-domains are secured.

Trust IndicatorTrust Indicator

An organization-validated SSL certificate comes with trust-building signs that aren't present in a standard SSL certificate. For instance, you'll get a dynamic site seal that shows company information and the current date and time. Likewise, an SSL certificate also shows company information that helps prove enterprise websites are genuine and they're legit business entity that is safe to deal with.


Comodo takes its SSL security seriously, and they know there won't be any mistakes or SSL security-related issues from their side that costs customers money. Likewise, to prove they're serious about it, they even provide you with a warranty of $1,500,000 that assures you won't face SSL-related issues because of the Comodo.

Strong Encryption StrengthStrong Encryption Strength

It's provided with robust encryption strength of SHA 256-bit symmetric encryption and RSA or ECC 2048-bit signature key length that helps keep the communication of enterprise customers between client and server safe and secure through an unbreakable encrypted tunnel.

Dynamic Site SealDynamic Site Seal

It's the small image that is placed on important pages of the website and footer. Likewise, it works like a trust badge, as whenever someone clicks on it, it'll show company information such as the company name and the current date and time, which helps build trust among site visitors.


After the issuance, you can cancel your SSL certificate. Likewise, if you cancel it within 30 days of purchase, you'll get a guaranteed 100% refund into your payment account or as a store credit, depending upon your choice.


Enterprise SSL Pro Wildcard

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Sectigo OV Wildcard SSL

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Multiple Years Option N/A N/A N/A
Domain Security Secure 1 Domain & Unlimited Sub-Domains Secure 1 Domain & Unlimited Sub-Domains Secure 1 Domain & Unlimited Sub-Domains
Issuance Time 1 – 3 Working Days Minutes 1 – 3 Working Days
Validation Requirement Business Validation Business Validation Business Validation
Visible Trust Indicator HTTPS + Padlock + Site Seal + Organization Name in SSL HTTPS + Padlock + Site Seal HTTPS + Padlock + Site Seal + Organization Name in SSL
Encryption Strength 256-Bit Encryption 256-Bit Encryption 256-Bit Encryption
CSR Key Size 2048-bit 2048-bit 2048-bit
Site Seal EnterpriseSSL Site Seal Comodo Site Seal Sectigo Site Seal
Server Licensing Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Installation/Technical Support N/A N/A N/A
Warranty $1,500,000 $250,000 $1,000,000
Refund Policy 30 Days Refund 30 Days Refund 30 Days Refund
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Frequently Asked Questions

Have Questions? We're here to help.

What's an Enterprise SSL Pro Wildcard Certificate?

It's an organization-validated wildcard SSL certificate, made explicitly for securing enterprise-level websites and unlimited sub-domains dealing with enterprise customers.

How Does Enterprise Wildcard SSL Certificate Differ from Standard Wildcard SSL Certificate?

An organization validated Wildcard SSL provides a higher level of trust visibility like the company name within the SSL certificate that helps build trust with your enterprise customers. Likewise, it helps secure enterprise data that are not possible using a standard wildcard SSL certificate.

How to Get an Enterprise SSL Pro Wildcard Certificate?

You'll need to go through a validation process that requires light business verification to prove your enterprise's legitimacy. Likewise, you're required to submit some government-issued documents to the certificate authority and then after your SSL certificate is issued, which is usually a 1 to 3 working days process.

How much time CA take to Issue the certificate?

As EnterpriseSSL Pro wildcard is an Organization Validation SSL certificate, the issuer needs to validity both domain name and business name. Comodo takes up to 3 days to verify the domain and business ownership.

Does it cover second-level sub-domains?

No, you can only secure first level sub-domains with this certificate (check the example domains above). If you wish to secure the second-level sub-domains, you need to get the Wildcard SSL certificate for the 2nd level domain.

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