DigiCert Secure Site Pro SSL (FLEX) Secures Single Domain – WWW & Non-WWW
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DigiCert Secure Site Pro SSL Certificate (Flex)

Most Trusted OV SSL Certificate in the Market with Great Flexibility

DigiCert Secure Site Pro provides a secure space for users who want to exchange data online with great confidence. Inform clients that their website is trustworthy for completing transactions. Modern methods supported by the CA/Browser Forum enable the certificate to secure the ongoing information exchanged between the browser and the server without disclosing its identity to attackers.

Buy or Renew Cheap DigiCert Secure Site Pro SSL Flex SSL

Site Seal Site Seal
Organization Validation Organization Validation
Warranty $2,000,000 Warranty
24/7 Technical Support 24/7 Technical Support
SAN Support SAN Support
Wildcard Support Wildcard Support
1-3 Days Issuance 1-3 Days Issuance
30-Days Refund 30-Days Refund

An Exceptional Degree of Assurance and Integrity to Get more Substantial Online Presence

The DigiCert Protect Site Pro Flex SSL can assist you in separating from other companies and protecting your website with a plethora of features and additions. Moreover, ECC and SHA256 hash algorithms can produce SSL certificates with 256-bit Secure Site Pro.

You may add up to 250 standard or wildcard domains with the new flex efficiency included in it. (Whenever you need—now or later) This implies you are permitted to incorporate as many standard and wildcard domains as you require, creating the most cost-effective combination that precisely suits the needs of your business.

Leverage the Additional Benefits Including Smart Seal, Malware Scanning and Priority Validation

This SSL certificate not only reassures you that you are secure but also shows consumers that your website is something they can count on. You additionally get several benefits and security that are only available in addition to this FLEXIBILITY, such as an enterprise-level verification SSL, DigiCert Smart Seal, Post-quantum cryptography enabled CT log monitoring, Vulnerability Scanning and More.

Comodo Instant SSL Certificate

DigiCert Secure Site Pro SSL Certificate (Flex) Features

  • Organization Validation (OV) Certificate
  • Shows Authenticated Company Details in Certificate
  • Secure RSA & ECC Techniques
  • FREE DigiCert Site Seal
  • Priority Validation & Support
  • Post-quantum Ready
  • Installation Checker
  • $2,000,000 Warranty Protection
  • 99.9% Browser and Mobile Recognition Rate
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Unlimited FREE Self-Service Reissues
  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee

DigiCert Secure Site Pro SSL Certificate (Flex) Benefits

FLEX Technology AdvancesFLEX Technology Advances

The FLEX functionality enables concurrent protection of public IP addresses, standard single domains, subdomains, and wildcard domains. Different types of SANs were prohibited by the distinct Multi-domain (SAN) and Multi-Domain Wildcard certificates used in the past. You can now pay different amounts for each item with this cert.

Secure ECC MechanismSecure ECC Mechanism

Compared to the RSA and DSA algorithms, DigiCert's ECC algorithm in this certificate saves time in both encryption and decryption, bandwidth, as well as additional computing power. ECC encryption provides a high level of security while maintaining a short key size. The algorithm is also certified by the US government.

Vulnerability AnalysisVulnerability Analysis

Using the Vulnerability Analysis tool, which is included with the DigiCert Secure Site Pro, it is possible to identify a growing vulnerability. The network may be analysed to ensure it is immune to any vulnerabilities. You can act on how severe they are by checking the vulnerability with their severity degree.

Malware CheckingMalware Checking

With this certificate, DigiCert provides a robust scanner that will examine your website perpetually and compare any malware to a database of malicious websites that have been restricted. This ensures that users are protected while accessing your website.

Secure Various websitesSecure Various websites

You can now secure your websites, subdomains, wildcard domains, and even public IP addresses with a single SSL certificate. Use the SAN (Subject Alternative Name) option to reduce the administration of many SSL certificates. For the additional unit cost, DigiCert Secure Site Pro includes support for 250 SANs.

Guaranteed AssuranceGuaranteed Assurance

DigiCert offers $2,000,000 warranties because it understands its clients are financially secure. When an undesirable circumstance, such as the incorrect issue of a certificate, occurs, it is helpful. The authority fully trusts DigiCert's PKI, issuance, and validation procedures, and the company provides one of the finest warranties.


DigiCert Secure Site Pro SSL (FLEX)

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DigiCert Secure Site OV (FLEX)

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Multiple Years Option N/A N/A N/A
Domain Security 1 FQDN (www & non www) 1 FQDN (www & non www) 1 FQDN (www & non www)
Issuance Time 1-3 Business Days 1-5 Business Days 1-3 Business Days
Validation Requirement Organization Validation Extended Validation Organization Validation
Visible Trust Indicator HTTPS URLs + PadLock + Company Details in the Certificate HTTPS URLs, PadLock & Company Name in Address Bar HTTPS URLs + PadLock + Company Details in the Certificate
CSR Key Size 2048-bit 2048-bit 2048-bit
Encryption Strength 256-Bit Encryption 256-Bit Encryption 256-Bit Encryption
Site Seal Dynamic Site Seal Dynamic Site Seal Dynamic Site Seal
Browser Compliance More than 99% More than 99% More than 99%
Server Licensing Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Technical Support N/A N/A N/A
Warranty $2,000,000 $2,000,000 $1,750,000
Refund Policy 30 Days Refund 30 Days Refund 30 Days Refund

Frequently Asked Questions

Have Questions? We're here to help.

What is DigiCert Secure Site Pro (Flex)?

DigiCert Secure Site Pro is the most sophisticated certificate in the DigiCert range, With strong encryption and protection against emerging threats. The combination of domain ownership and organization validation, which enables you to prove your brand's uniqueness online, raises questions.

With the support of the CA/Browser Forum and cutting-edge algorithms, it can protect continuous information flowing between the browser and the server without being detectable to online criminals. Once they see an HTTPS and padlock, customers may readily connect to your website.

How long will it take to issue?

Since this is an organization validation (OV) SSL certificate, you must go through an easy company vetting procedure to be approved. You need to have a few things validated, like your domain, phone number, and location, so that it won't be too complicated. Because DigiCert is so proficient at what they do, you may have this certificate in barely 1-2 days And in no time at all, you will have a website that has been verified for commercial use!

What are the Security specifications of the DigiCert Secure Site Pro?

  • Organization Validation SSL Certificate
  • Symmetric 256-bit encryption
  • SHA-2 Hashing Algorithm (256, 384, 512)
  • Co-signed with Post-Quantum Cryptosystem
  • Key size: 2048-bit RSA or ECC
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